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Spend time in nature and recharge your inner batteries. Disconnect from your phone, your tablet or smartwatch for a week or a month and give your brain a break from the current stressful times by losing yourself in thought-provoking outdoor activities. Unplug from the daily hustle and bustle and find peace of mind.

Anerada Yoga Sessions

find your balance


Yoga is a practice of physical exercise, breath control, relaxation, positive thinking and meditation aimed to develope harmony in the body, mind and environment. Anerada Houses offer Yoga sessions to those who want to take advantage from combining holiday and inner growth through the union of body, mind, internal energy and the all-pervading cosmic energy.

Anerada Sailing experience

go with the wind


Lefkada is considered a paradise for sailing for its geographic position and for favorable climate conditions. Anerada Houses offer daily sailing tour  aimed to realize a closer experience with natural elements as wind and sea. It is a great opportunity to sail along the east coast of Lefkada in the so-called “inland sea” with its many small islands and their charming anchorages.

Anerada Walking excursions

hike and snap


Breath deeply and immerse yourself in the lush green of Lefkada. Catch the moment to fix in the memory and on your camera the amazing views of the coastline, the old olive groves and the traditional old villages. Explore the old network of footpaths and stop to taste the local food in one of the many small family ruled taverns. Anerada Houses offer a local guide to visit Lefkada from the mountain to the sea.

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Athani, 31082 Lefkada, Greece

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Aerial video of Anerada Houses

Aerial video of Anerada Houses Aerial video of Anerada Houses. Please, have a look at the stunning location of Anerada Houses. Our resort is situated in Lefkada, [...]

Doukato Cape and its lighthouse

Doukato Cape and its lighthouse Doukato Cape is the southern point of Lefkada island where in 1890 the lighthouse was built. Nearby, in ancient times, there was [...]

A wild day at Egremni

A wild day A wild day at Egremni is one of those days you will never forget... Egremni is a remote beach located on the south-western coast [...]

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